Our simple sensor electrode fabrication technology required innovation at every level and tight integration of unique expertise spanning materials, nano-particle synthesis, nano-particle dispersion, ink formulation, ink-jet printing, thermal processing, and manufacturing equipment.


Our innovative approach eliminates over 60% of typical sensor electrode fabrication steps and allows us to simply ink-jet print the electrode pattern and apply our thermal process to optimize performance.


AddiLat technology enables manufacturing of printed-sensors-on-glass at costs far below sensors-on PET film. Manufacturers of touch products that leverage our technology can eliminate integration of sensors-on-film. This reduces manufacturing steps and layers in the touch module/display stack. As a result, manufacturers will be able to offer touchscreen products that are thinner, lower cost, and have better optical performance.


Beyond the obvious fact that fewer process steps in sensor and product manufacturing reduces cost, the technology also enables rapid prototyping and reconfiguration to service different products and production volumes. This opens new product opportunities and reduces development and lead time, which also reduces cost. 




Sensor electrode manufacturing cost far below sensors-on-film

  • Over 60% few process steps
  • Eliminates photolithography 
  • Smaller manufacturing footprint
  • Less chemical handling, maintenance, labor, energy, and overhead expense


Simpler touchscreen stack > Lower device manufacturing cost

  • Eliminate PET plastic film layers and lamination steps
  • Higher yields with fewer steps


Better device-level optical clarity

  • No PET plastic film layers that reduce optical clarity
  • Thinner touch products



  • Uses less energy
  • Eliminates harsh chemical processing
  • Earth-abundant materials
  • Efficient use of materials

Touchscreen Integration



Our technology is ideal for hybrid in-cell and on-cell touch-enabled display manufacturing and touch-on-cover, one-glass-solution (OGS), and glass sensors manufacturing.




AddiLat process