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Low Cost and does the job.

FS-600N Ultrasonic Homogenizer Sonicator Processor with Temperature Indicator and Controller 600W (110V)

Has 16mm and 8mm Probe for volumes less than 100 ml.

Technical parameters:
Frequency range: 20 KHz (frequency is auto-tracking)
Output power: 600 W (0%-100% continuous adjustable)
Total working timer: 1s - 99 hours with pause function
Ultrasonic output impulse: Ultrasonic on timer: 1 s - 99 min
Ultrasonic off timer: 1s - 99 min
Duty ratio: 0%-100%
Diameter of ultrasonic probe: 16mm
Sample processing volume: 20ml-500 ml
Working environment and conditions
Environment Temp.: 0 - 40°C
Environment: Indoor (no corrosive gas)
Power Supply: AC 110V
Energy converter Temp.: 0 - 120°C
Sample type: Solutions
Accessories:an ABS soundproof box, a stainless steel lifting platform
More Features:
Novel design, Complete-function, Reliable ability
Temperature indicator and controller
Automatic amplitude compensation
Attention: Empty tank working is forbidden!