6 Inch Vacuum Furnace

Vacuum furnace has 6" OD (151/145 mm) x 48" long quartz tub.

Currently furnace is capable of being heated to 500 C with single zone controller up to 8 segments. 

Vacuum is capable of going down to under 100 mTorr (< 10-5 Torr).

There is one flow controller to flow gas.

Gases run through getters to reduced water content to low ppm levels.

A vacuum can be pulled on system, back filled with gas, and purged with gas during heating.

System was used to anneal polymer or glass substrates for printable electronics in Air, N2, Ar, He, N2/H2, or Ar/H2.

This system is perfect for annealing printed electronic round or square substrates from 1" to 4". 


There is possibility that system can be upgraded for heating up to 1100C.

Please email for questions on modifying system or pricing.


Please email mcallahan@addilat.com