Equipment for Sale

Equipment Description
 4 Sided Coaters  5-20 and 25-100 um coater
AC, Dehumidifier, and Air Purifiers (Portable) 1 Dehumidifier, 1 AC, 2 Air Purifiers
Centrifuge Super  Sorvall T21
Dispensers Auto   Eppendorf 1000 uL, 5000 uL (5 mL)
Evaporator  IKA RV8 and HB 10 with NesLab RTE-111 chiller
FLIR for Android Phones and Tablets  FLIR One IR camera for Android phones
Furnace 6" Vacuum  6" x 4' Quartz Tube with Turbo pump
Gas Equipment Miscellaneous  Gas regulators, cylinder holders
Glass Cutter  SPI
Hardness Test Pens  Mineralab HD2
Lab Furniture  Table, Step, Other
Laser Printer  Brother
Mini Projector  Miroir
Mixers IKA RW 20 and Vortex Genie 2
Optical Microscope  AO
Ovens and Hot Plates  IKA C-mag HS7, 2 IKA RCT basic, others
Plasma Cleaner  Plasma Etch with Oxygen Proof Pump
Power Supply  TechPower 0-60V, 0-10A
Scale Weighing  Mettler Toledo PL303
Sonicators  Branson 8510 Bath, Ultrasonic point probe
Spin Coater Laurell WS-650HZB-23NPP with UD3
Sheet Resistance Hand Meter Rcheck+
Thermocouple Hand Meter and Thermo-Hygrometer Omega HH147U
Vacuum Oven  Across International
Viscometer uVisc  RheoSense uVisc
Wafer Holders  Room Temp and High Temp 2" and 4"