Equipment for Sale

Equipment Description
 4 Sided Coaters  5-20 and 25-100 um coater
AC, Dehumidifier, and Air Purifiers (Portable) 1 Dehumidifier, 1 AC, 2 Air Purifiers
Centrifuge Super  Sorvall T21
Dispensers Auto   Eppendorf 1000 uL, 5000 uL (5 mL)
Evaporator  IKA RV8 and HB 10 with NesLab RTE-111 chiller
FLIR for Android Phones and Tablets  FLIR One IR camera for Android phones
Furnace 6" Vacuum  6" x 4' Quartz Tube with Turbo pump
Gas Equipment Miscellaneous  Gas regulators, cylinder holders
Glass Cutter  SPI
Hardness Test Pens  Mineralab HD2
Lab Furniture  Bench Pro 30"x72:
Laser Printer  Brother
Mini Projector  Miroir
Ovens and Hot Plates  IKA C-mag HS7, 2 IKA RCT basic, others
Plasma Cleaner  Plasma Etch with Oxygen Proof Pump
Power Supply  TechPower 0-60V, 0-10A
Scale Weighing  Mettler Toledo PL303
Sonicators  Branson 8510 Bath, Ultrasonic point probe
Spin Coater Laurell WS-650HZB-23NPP with UD3
Sheet Resistance Hand Meter Rcheck+
Thermocouple Hand Meter Omega HH147U
Vacuum Oven  Across International
Viscometer uVisc  RheoSense uVisc
Wafer Holders  Room Temp and High Temp 2" and 4"